About Us

About US

About Us

Bethel Leadership Institute is an extension of Bethel Christian University, Topeka Kansas. Bethel Christian University is incorporated in the State of Kansas, as a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3). Chartered by Kingsway Fellowship International. Presently, networking with Kingsway Fellowship International, Harvestime International Network, Kingsway International College Network, Nations University and Joshua Nations .

The Institute is currently running Online, Distance Learning and Extension Ministerial courses for those who have the call of God. It is necessary that every minister prior to taking up the challenges of answering God’s call must fulfill the initial basic requirements of undergoing a period of training whether full-time, part-time, and online or by correspondence.

Pastoral Training is the dynamic life-giving element in every Church organization. Having pastors is not enough but there must be a ready and continuous supply of potentials to meet the future and sometimes unexpected pastoral needs to fill the inevitable gaps in our churches.

What We Do

We have endeavored to design a system of study for All Believers, who desire to mature into full grown children of God – able to fulfill their places within the Body of Christ.We exist to Channel you towards a path of Ministry for your church and to develop you with the capacity to handle any situation the enemy may throw on you.

Our Mission & Goals

  • To prepare men and women for the ministry by training qualified leaders for the church.
  • Create an environment for achievement in the life of every student.
  • Provide Christian education and ministry training in an atmosphere of Excellence.
  • Raise national spiritual leaders for the church.
  • Raise Missionaries to reach the unreached people of the world.
  • To enable Pastors to multiply their ministry by founding a Bible college in their local Churches.
  • Provide Christian Resource and research center.
  • Provide quality Non-traditional Christian education and ministry training through on or off-campus and online programs.